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What are the leading causes of gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Family Law |

For a long time, divorce was a hush-hush topic and a rare occurrence among baby boomers. However, as the world evolves, so has the definition of marriage and the prevalence of divorce, even for members of older generations.

Divorce is no longer a taboo among baby boomers; in fact, more couples who are 50 years and older are opting to end their marriage than couples who are younger. What causes gray divorce, and why are these divorces becoming more common?

Changing priorities and values

As individuals age, their priorities and values often undergo a significant transformation. What once seemed essential in a marriage may no longer hold the same weight. Pursuing personal fulfillment, self-discovery and the desire for a more purposeful life can lead to spouses growing apart.

Financial strain and retirement stress

Financial strain is a perennial stressor in marriages, and as couples approach retirement age, the pressure intensifies. Divergent views on spending habits, retirement savings and differing financial goals can strain a marriage to its breaking point. Gray divorce can be a consequence of couples reassessing their financial priorities and realizing they are incompatible in managing their financial future.

Longer life expectancy

Increased life expectancy has altered the dynamics of long-term relationships. Individuals are living longer, healthier lives and the prospect of spending decades in a marriage that may no longer bring happiness becomes less appealing. As a result, some couples opt for gray divorce as a means of seeking fulfillment in their remaining years.

Unfulfilled expectations and midlife crisis

Midlife often brings about a period of self-reflection and evaluation of one’s life choices. Individuals experiencing a midlife crisis may reassess their accomplishments, relationships and overall satisfaction. If marital expectations are unmet, some individuals may see gray divorce as a way to break free from perceived constraints and pursue a different path.

The causes of gray divorce are interwoven with the complexities of aging and individual growth. Suppose you’re considering gray divorce; working with a legal professional can help you turn over a new leaf.