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Photo of attorney William Marcus Wilkerson
Attorney William Marcus Wilkerson
Photo of attorney William Marcus Wilkerson

Don’t Face Your Criminal Trial Alone

Worried about the consequences you’ll receive from your first-degree felony charge? Were you arrested for DUI? If you’ve been searching for an assertive advocate to fight for your best legal outcome in court, look no further than William Marcus Wilkerson, Attorney at Law.

Experience In All Areas Of The Law

Marcus Wilkerson opened his firm in 2012 to help those who have been profiled and discriminated against. He has helped clients facing a variety of charges, including:

He will look over your case to determine the best approach and then fully inform you of everything you should expect before entering the courtroom.

Call Today For Experienced Representation

Attorney Wilkerson understands that you’re an individual who is in a sticky situation. He’s dedicated to aggressively representing your best interests in court. Besides criminal defense, he also tackles family law cases, property law and estate planning clients. Get in touch with William Marcus Wilkerson, Attorney at Law by calling 409-212-9655. We serve Beaumont and the surrounding counties.