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Three major drawbacks of a 50/50 custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Family Law |

Some Texas couples who are preparing to divorce or divorcing have children together. If that’s the case, you and your ex-spouse have custody arrangements to consider. A few examples of these arrangements can include sole custody and joint custody. Some divorce experts praise the benefits of 50/50 custody, an arrangement where divorced parents equally split time with their children. While 50/50 custody might sound nice, it does have disadvantages.

Unequal parenting

In a perfect world, every child would have two parents who are great at parenting. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. In most marriages, one person is better at parenting than their spouse. Choosing a 50/50 child custody can mean your child will spend more time with an adult who lacks experience in parenting.

Not what a child wants

During a divorce, parents can unintentionally put their needs above what their children need. While it might sound good on paper, 50/50 custody might be the last thing your child wants. Over time, this arrangement can have potentially damaging psychological effects on children.

Hard to alter

Sometimes, agreed-upon custody plans aren’t easy to change. Courts often need proof of severe neglect or abuse before altering an arrangement. Unfortunately, a court is unlikely to change a 50/50 custody plan when you or your ex-spouse can’t identify a concrete problem with this situation. This could leave a child spending half their lives with a distant parent or one unable to meet their emotional needs.

It’s understandable to want the divorce process over quickly. However, don’t rush discussions and choices involving custody arrangements. Instead, divorcing couples should consider all aspects of the situation carefully and choose what’s best for their children.