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Do courts favor mothers over fathers?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce in Texas is a topic that is already controversial but also becoming increasingly contentious. Many legal and family experts are concerned about the bias that courts seem to show in favor of mothers. The sheer amount of alimony and custody disputes are decided in a way that disadvantages men are hard to ignore.

What are the most controversial issues?

Child custody is one of the key areas where courts across the country seem to have it in for men. This area is too often decided in favor of the mother with no regard for the father’s interests. Several factors tend to trigger such a hasty decision.

Fathers who do not live with their children after a divorce tend to become distant from them. They are often compelled to move to other parts of the state or country to find work. Many courts tend to regard men as estranged or absentee parents without necessarily taking these distances into account.

Traditional parental roles are becoming obsolete

Negotiating a truly fair and equitable child support is often a challenge. Many experts believe that much of this is due to the persistence of traditional roles in an age where they are becoming increasingly outdated. The classic image of the man as the sole breadwinner is still considered the standard for child support payment awards.

Many wives are currently making more than their husbands. Even if this is not the case, they may receive child support payments that are not based on a fair and equitable salary estimate. Many experts believe that an adjustment of these expectations is needed for divorce settlements to become truly fair and equitable.