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Insurance coverage may help pay for rehab

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

If you are dependent on marijuana, heroin or any other type of controlled substance, you are encouraged to seek help. Most health insurance providers in Texas and elsewhere will cover some or all of the cost of participating in a rehabilitation program.

Review your policy

A thorough review of your current health insurance policy should help you determine if it covers the cost of a drug rehab program. Furthermore, policy documents should outline the type of programs it will pay for and how much you might qualify to receive. For example, your coverage provider may pay half the cost of an inpatient provider or cover the entire cost of treatment after paying your deductible. You can contact your insurance company directly if you have any questions about what it covers or about the process of filing a policy claim.

You can’t be discriminated against

Insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate against those who have drug dependency issues. This means that you can’t be charged a higher copay to obtain treatment or have your coverage altered in any other way. Furthermore, your insurance provider generally cannot approve or deny coverage if you are seeking treatment as a condition of having drug charges reduced or dismissed. You may have grounds for legal action against your insurance provider if you’re treated differently simply for seeking help with your addiction.

If you have medical insurance, it may defray the cost of seeking treatment for drug addiction. Depending on your circumstances, seeking treatment may help you resolve outstanding legal issues, help you find employment or help you retain custody of your kids. In addition to covering the cost of rehab, your policy may cover other costs related to treating health issues caused by drug addiction.