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Creating a child support agreement without going to court

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Family Law |

Texas residents understand how easy it is for divorce to take an ugly turn, resulting in hard feelings and an unwillingness for both parties to work together. However, there are other instances when divorced parents come to agreements about the details of their divorce without the intervention of the local family courts. One example is when parents make a child support agreement without going to court.

Having a conversation

For you and your ex to come to a child support agreement without going through the legal system, there will need to be a conversation about finances. This conversation should include an honest discussion about what each of you believes is a fair amount to contribute toward the expenses of your children. The two of you will likely need to be willing to negotiate to reach a number that works for everyone.

Write it down

After you decide on a fair amount for child support, write everything down. Your written agreement should include the amount, the name of each parent, the name of the children and the payment schedule you both agreed to.

Have the agreement notarized

Ideally, the commitment that you and your ex make to keeping your child support case out of the family law system lasts. However, if it doesn’t, you must provide a notarized written agreement to the court.

Keep a copy

Both parents should keep a copy of the notarized agreement for their records. This ensures that both parents can review the information if they have any questions about it in the future.

Divorce doesn’t have to result in a contentious court hearing. You can handle every detail of your divorce, including child custody and child support, by being willing to work with your ex.