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How will a DWI affect your life (aside from legal penalties)?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

You know that getting a DWI in Texas could lead to significant fines. They could be up to $2,000 for a first offense, $4,000 for a second offense or even $10,000 for a third offense. You may also have to spend time behind bars, as even the first offense has a mandatory jail sentence of three days – and it could be up to 180 days.

But how is a DWI going to affect your life? The impact can extend far beyond these criminal sentencing guidelines. It’s important to know what this may mean for you moving forward and to understand all of your legal defense options when attempting to avoid a conviction.

You could lose your job

First and foremost, you could lose your job when you get a DWI. This could happen just because you have to spend time behind bars or because you don’t have a driver’s license, so you can’t get to work. Some companies also have conduct policies stating that employees will be fired simply for breaking the law. Furthermore, if you have a CDL, losing it could cost you your career. 

Your insurance rates could go up

Next, the financial impact of the DWI isn’t just in the fines and fees you have to pay. Your insurance rates may go up, so you’ll be paying more every month for the foreseeable future.

It could affect your reputation

Finally, getting a DWI could have a negative impact on your reputation, especially if you are a public figure like a politician, an entertainer or a religious leader. Once again, this could affect your employment opportunities or your job prospects moving forward. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re facing DWI charges. They help to underscore why you must know about all of your defense options.