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Confusion about drug problems

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

An untold number of Americans struggle with alcohol and drug dependency. Many people find themselves seeking treatment in Texas to overcome their addiction issues. While the public may realize substance abuse problems are rampant, they might have misconceptions about persons suffering from chemical dependencies.

Misunderstandings about alcohol and drug use

The general public might understand that drug and alcohol abuse presents health risks, but they might underestimate the severity. They could hold misperceptions about the specific dangers addicts face. For example, they might be aware that someone could overdose on heroin or suffer injuries in a drunk driving-related accident. Still, they might not understand that substance abusers may suffer liver or cardiovascular problems brought on by their dependency issues.

Addicts may suffer from personal beliefs that are inaccurate and potentially self-harmful. Namely, someone might assume they can handle their drug or alcohol issues and won’t suffer adverse health reactions or fatalities. Assuming that only others experience harmful consequences could lead to someone not seeking help to address their addiction.

Legal issues and drug use

Those believing they can navigate their substance abuse issues may face drug charges or other legal jeopardies. Although someone may suffer from an addiction and wants to quit, the individual might still face possession or intent to sell charges after an arrest. Anyone convicted of such could have to deal with a lifetime criminal record.

Anyone charged with a crime has a right to a defense, and the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecution cannot prove someone had control over drugs, a possession charge might not stand. If the police lacked probable cause to make an arrest, any procured evidence might be suppressed. Plea bargaining may be an option for some defendants in some instances.