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Divorce planning points

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Family Law |

Among the most stressful experiences a married couple may endure is divorce proceedings. Spouses seeking a divorce in Texas must understand that divorce is a complex legal process that comes with many financial and other considerations. Proper planning could mitigate some issues, and those who do so may find the process concludes smoothly.

Divorce planning

Dealing with an abusive or otherwise unstable spouse leaves their partner concerned for their safety. Exiting the household and procuring a temporary restraining order may be necessary. Ignoring personal safety could have consequences, so alerting the court of any dangers seems advisable.

As for money matters, any spouse that finds themselves facing a decrease in household income might benefit from reviewing their personal financial situation. Coming up with a new budget to deal with pending living arrangements and expenses might keep someone from struggling financially before property divisions and alimony awards occur. Thoughtful post-divorce budgets could also mitigate financial stress.

Reviewing tax matters is essential, too. Those who filed joint returns would be equally responsible for the debt regardless of any disparate income. Addressing who pays taxes owed might be necessary during settlement negotiations. Some may choose married filing separately for the upcoming tax season.

Not all debt derives from taxes. Both spouses could discuss debt payment responsibilities when the debt is held in both names.

Divorce negotiations

Despite all the effective planning one spouse performs, the other spouse could be difficult during divorce proceedings. However, both parties may overcome their impasse during the divorce negotiation process. Sometimes, mediation could be necessary to arrive at an equitable conclusion.

The process might move to trial if the parties cannot agree on the final divorce terms. Sometimes, both parties may overcome their differences to avoid the costs and time associated with a court fight.