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What documents do you need to gather for your divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Family Law |

An attorney will want to see several documents to advise you on your divorce in Texas. These documents help them get an understanding of your income, assets and other key information that will influence your divorce.


You need to bring the title of all vehicles that you and your spouse own. This includes boats, snowmobiles, farm vehicles, ATVs and any other type of vehicle. If you have debts related to the vehicle, then it’s a good idea to provide copies of the debts to your attorney too.

Retirement accounts

Even though you will probably not want to split retirement accounts during the divorce, attorneys will often want to look at this information to know what your assets are. Dividing retirement accounts come with tax consequences, which is why you may want to negotiate a property division plan that avoids splitting retirement accounts. A high-asset divorce, in particular, usually requires more consideration on the best way to divide property.

Joint financial accounts

Many people who want to get a divorce feel the urge to withdraw half or more of a joint financial account, but this could get you into trouble with the law. If your spouse is withdrawing too much from the joint bank account, you could seek legal assistance to freeze it.


All investments are subject to property division. The calculations for this could be complex because of valuations, interest and future projected value. You might need to consult a professional in the financial industry, such as a certified financial divorce analyst, in addition to your attorney.


Bring documentation of all your marital debts as well. Debts influence how the court divides your property. Ideally, you may want to pay off all or as much of your marital debt as possible before finalizing the divorce.

It’s important to bring copies of financial documents to your attorney. They could provide the most accurate guidance when they have a full overview of the situation you’re dealing with.