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Simulated drugs in Texas: What you need to know

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Simulated drugs are a particularly dangerous trend in the world of illicit substances. They involve passing off some other substance as a drug and pretending for one reason or another that the substance is a drug. While they have not been explicitly challenged in statutes in the past, these drugs are still an issue in Texas. Simulated drugs can cause many of the same problems as traditional controlled substances.

What are simulated drugs?

A simulated drug is a substance that is made out by one party to be a controlled substance. In some cases, it may not be controlled or illegal at all. For instance, baking soda could be a simulated drug stand-in for cocaine. It is legal to own baking soda but illegal to argue to another party that the baking soda is actually cocaine. This practice can be dangerous to the health of users and furthers the drug trade.

Laws regarding simulated drugs

The laws surrounding simulated drugs are clear. These drugs are banned just like the drugs that they are chemically closest to. Drug charges associated with simulated drugs are similar to those that can be connected to any drug offense. Individuals may be charged with possession, distribution, or manufacturing. They can face a state jail felony which could involve years in prison.

Simulated drug defenses

Fighting these drug charges is no simple matter. According to the Texas statute, simulated drug charges have few legally proscribed defenses. These involve connections to legitimate law enforcement and pharmaceutical operations. A strong defense, therefore, may involve months of research and contacting witnesses. The charges must be specific and handled according to procedures established by law.

Evidence must be treated carefully at all times and all relevant witnesses must be interviewed. Any mistakes could lead to an acquittal for the defendant. Simulated drug charges are serious and should be treated as seriously as any charge related to a traditional controlled substance.