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Police find meth worth $1 million in Texas home

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

An anonymous tip led to the seizure of methamphetamine that would have netted drug dealers more than a million dollars on the street according to law enforcement officials in Texas. The seizure came after a deputy and sergeant from the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and a deputy constable from the San Jacinto County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office were dispatched to a residence on Devin Road in Cleveland to investigate claims that the residence was being used to manufacture illegal drugs.

Suspects flee on foot

When they arrived at the home, they allegedly observed two individuals fleeing the scene on foot. Initial reports indicate that the SJCSO sergeant and deputy apprehended the two suspects after a brief pursuit. Inside the residence, deputies claim to have discovered more than 200 pounds of methamphetamine in what a SJCSO representative described as a large narcotics laboratory.

Bexar County meth lab

The deputies made the methamphetamine seizure less than two months after a similar investigation led to the discovery of illegal drugs worth up to $3 million in Bexar County. Officials launched that operation after about 20 pounds of methamphetamine was allegedly found inside a vehicle during a traffic stop. The car’s driver then led police and federal agents to a house in Lake Grove. Police say drug dealers used the house to convert liquid methamphetamine into a product they could sell to drug users.

Admissions and consensual searches

Individuals pulled over by the police sometimes feel that they have no choice but to consent to vehicle searches, and they often make admissions when the officers involved find drugs or other evidence of criminal activity. Experienced criminal defense attorneys may advise an individual in this situation to refuse requests to conduct a search and ask for a lawyer if questioned. When police officers conduct searches without consent, probable cause or a valid warrant, attorneys could potentially argue that narcotics charges should be dismissed.